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’ was the first show to really break down the pillars of television structure, point a mirror at the audience and truly ask them: “Hey. ” I’ve been putting off watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? Because of my addictive personality I often fall head first into a binge-watching spiral. These characters have two things in common: One, they were icons of the television screen. But what would happen to these beloved characters if they were stripped of their lines, and their ‘emotional story arch’ was replaced by ‘short form improv games’. Starring Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and Greg Proops, ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?Some of these oral traditions are known to be simply inaccurate: the Dothraki believe that the first man came into being one thousand years ago, when even the written histories of other continuous civilizations stretch back five to six thousand years.The earliest written histories date back to about 6,000 years ago, when the Andals first introduced writing to Westeros.The First Men had no writing system more advanced than runes for marking graves, thus all history before 6,000 years ago relies on oral tradition.

Shows like The Wire, Sopranos and Mad Men chewed me up and spit me out months later, as oblivious to the world around me as Betty Draper on a good day.

The dating system is based on the Targaryen Conquest.

Thus all dates are "BC" for "Before Conquest" or "AC" for "After Conquest".

Even so, this is about twice as long as the continuous written historical record than exist in our real-life world, our equivalent being if written history were extended unbroken back to the construction of the first ziggurat in ancient Sumeria. History tends to be more accurate the closer it is to the present, but largely in the sense that fables and half-myths tend no longer to be included.

All history books display the biases of their authors to some degree.

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Each version of the show consists of a panel of four performers who create characters, scenes, and songs on the spot, in the style of short-form improvisation games, many taken from theatresports.

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