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Posted by / 28-Aug-2017 21:03

If you have always wanted to try speed dating but never did, now is the perfect time.

Hi everybody :) Do not be shy and feel free to write me and ask me whatever you want :) I am here to find new friends and share positive energy and optimism :) I love smiling, fun, chocolate, pizza and sport : D Byeeeee :) I want to meet new people from different countries :) I kindly and friendly girl when you want get to know Write me:) I'm looking for 3grups: P 1, Best friends- forever:) 2, My Love:) 3, Dance partner (for latin and standards dance) i want dance if you have interest on dance we can communicate about it:-) I am looking for friend. I don't take life too seriously and I am very spontaneous.

I would like to talk about everything like daily problems, important decisions, work, relationships, films, books, places which are worth to visit, hobbies and many others.

The event will end up free and it will be up to you, who you exchange your contact with.

When you would be shy or unsure to ask somebody for a contact, you can use the answer sheet, that you will get from us.

For now, we have only planned speed dating for two categories and that is the Slovak speaking category for women 23 - 33 / men 27 - 37 and for English speaking EXPATS category women 23 - 40 / men 25 - 44.

The events will be soon posted on our website and you will be able to make a reservation.

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