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College girls college university dating

But that’s not what a lot of SMU kids want out of college. They want to hookup.” Another SMU male, male #2 responded on the contrary saying, “I think our generation is all over the map.We all have our wants and needs, and some people are just more forward about it than others.Despite their differing answers and opinions, they all seem to have a similar theme or thread.When it came to the SMU males, I received all sorts of responses, and for their protection I will not mention their names but simply call each of them male #1, #2 and #3.Of course, I know people that are in committed relationships on campus and at other colleges.However, the labels I am most familiar with are: “hookup buddies,” “friends with benefits,” “together” or “exclusive.” Even those who are committed enough to use these titles, subconsciously know little beyond sex is holding together these mutually beneficial relationships.At Southern Methodist University, I have witnessed my friends and many others engaging in the hookup culture.Many people I associate with have in the past or are currently, “hooking up” with a male with something known as no strings attached.

She argues women are seen as “desperate,” “too emotional” or even “crazy” when it comes to relationships, if we can even still call them relationships. My curiosity regarding these issues on college campuses provoked me to interview and question a few of my classmates to get their opinions on the topic.Some girls are just easy because they are looking for a relationship to form from that same exact concept.” Shroyer also added that she believes that girls can get too emotional about males they barely know.She believes this is one of the main reasons females get the stereotypes they have.This no strings attached label implies hooking up for a long period of time without the commitment or label of boyfriend and girlfriend.With this said, specific labels are almost nonexistent for Generation-Y.

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Many of their responses were different, but neither are right nor wrong.

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