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"I do recommend Best Crypt," Schneier told me, "because I have met people at the company and I have a good feeling about them.Of course I don't know for sure; this business is all about trust.• June 15, 2015 AM @keiner "If you don't pass the US/UK borders, the whole encryption thing of whole disk is not THAT useful, huh?" Under Vera Crypt (see previous comments) you can use full disk encryption and choose between booting off the hidden partition or the "front door".The NSA can still plant an employee in the company, and manipulate the code to make it vulnerable.And the NSA probably has capabilities of which we are unaware.The only thing that stopped the pwnage were a good /etc/hosts file and NO WINDOWS!

But then someone decided to put a backdoor in the civilian version of the software, and the lead developers baulked and shut it down. Open source software is more vulnerable than corporation software, since the NSA can easily have some of its own people "volunteer" to work on the code.

Plausible deniability • June 15, 2015 AM And here is the link: Documentation Go Plausible Deniability Go Vera Crypt Hidden Operating System Hidden Operating System https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/wikipage?

title=Vera Crypt Hidden Operating System The problem with "writing your own" is that for 99.999% of software writers they are just not qualified (and I include myself in that).

And I agree with his ultimate conclusion: Based on what I know about Bit Locker, I think it's perfectly fine for average Windows users to rely on, which is especially convenient considering it comes with many PCs.

If it ever turns out that Microsoft is willing to include a backdoor in a major feature of Windows, then we have much bigger problems than the choice of disk encryption software anyway.

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The reason is there are so many facets to the problem it takes several years to get them under your belt, and by then MS or who ever has moved the File System forward in some way and don't release enough information for you to be able to evaluate the changes effectivly, then of course "attacks improve with time" as well so you end up on the "hamster wheel of pain" just trying to keep up, even if it is your full time job.