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At one of the fast-food concession stands/picnic areas (the mess hall food was atrocioius at that time), I overheard a buncha wind dummies doing the whole HOORAH! Young wind dummies huffed and puffed, then went away.

FTR Drachillix has never served in the millitary...

Struan's special forces vet sounds like the one I met.

He wasn't QUITE out of service yet, but he was attending college classes while posted at a nearby base in North Carolina, getting ready to go into law enforcement and essentially counting down months to discharge. I always knew there was something about him even before I realized he was in SF.

He runs a small one man business (in no way related to matters martial!

), but I won't say what it is as there are only a handful in the UK, and only one in Scotland - suffice to say it involves extremely intricate wood craftsmanship.

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I was sitting with him one time when he told someone that the drum on a Thompson submachinegun held 450 rounds.

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