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Both organizations came together to promote the Red Flag Campaign’s message.

“The Red Flag Campaign is bringing attention to the fact that 1 in 3 women are victims of dating violence,” Fleming said.

Similar signs have appeared in nearby cities including Vacaville and Natomas around the same time.

This site is ultimately managed by a company called Together Dating which runs an elaborate guerilla marketing scheme that has placed such signs throughout the country.

“Maybe a crisis of government, but not of Constitution.” I don’t want to beat up on Bob.

I’m sure he doesn’t like feeling marginalized or targeted or made to feel inferior, like so many people have in this country for so many years. But I just don’t get why anyone would feel threatened by a sign that’s anti-hate.

Helen Ubiñas is an award-winning columnist at the Daily News.

He was just confused, he said, because “they came here because it’s better … (In case you’re interested, you can get one by emailing [email protected]) Gillies said he just didn’t like the negative implication of the signs that sprouted after “Trump’s immigration policy.” “Travel ban,” I corrected. President Trump himself calls it a travel ban, I reminded him. That set us off on a bit of a shouting match, with Gillies suggesting many of those reports weren’t true and I reminding him of the double murder in Portland, Ore., in which a man stabbed three people who were reportedly trying to stop a racist attack on two young Muslim girls. I found it interesting that the new signs included the Constitution when, on the television set right behind me, a constitutional crisis was playing out as former FBI Director James Comey was telling the U. Senate Intelligence Committee his version of why the president fired him amid an agency probe into alleged Russian meddling.

but they won’t listen to us.” I called Gillies the next day, ready to listen. “We’re not in the middle of a constitutional crisis,” Gillies scoffed.

Around April 25, 2007, signs (lawn spam) for davisdating dot org started showing up around Davis.

The page has no contact information, and only requests a bunch of personal information followed by a message saying someone will contact you.

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