Updating ipod to 2 2

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Updating ipod to 2 2

itunes then was able to recognize the touch and I could restore back to the original firmware version (1.1.1) you will lose all your stuff, but I got it working again - just did it last night! like im doing it rite now and i guess by the time you answer, is gonna be too late, oh well:] more information for later veiwers:] my touch is restoring rite now and it shows the apple, and a bar(partialy filled) is that the loading bar for when its finished?In the 3rd picture were you select the new firmware you are looking in a folder named i Touch.I am using the i Pod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_but it is still not working, it doesn't go far in the process all it does is says it starts to prepare ipod and stops., please help!! All you folks having problems with this download--why don't you just plunk down the cash and do it the right way?

It is so dead that it isn't even recognized as a device on the firewire bus by System Profiler." Other users are not even able to complete the update installation process.In most cases, when the updater fails prematurely, a non-functional i Pod is the result.Another reader writes "After updating to ITunes 4.5, I tried updating my 40 gig i Pod (on my 1.25 15" powerbook).so i can only play my music (and see it) after a reset and then only in i Tunes." Press update "cancel" button if you cannot see your i Pod in i Tunes Some users are unable to use their i Pod in i Tunes unless they press the "cancel" button when prompted to apply the updater: Disconnecting the i Sight Once again, the i Sight is a culprit in interfering with normal i Pod operation.Some users report that temporarily disconnecting the Apple camera allows the update to apply smoothly: George Vineyard writes "I removed my i Sight when I ran into trouble updating my i Pod using i Pod updater.

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This recent updater wouldn't allow me to restore to factory settings.