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Evangeline lilly currently dating

She took the agent's business card but did not immediately pursue acting.

She eventually called and the agency landed her several roles in commercials and non-speaking parts in the TV shows Smallville and Kingdom Hospital.

Still, he s learned to prepare himself for the run of good luck to end.

' But the irony of it is, that's exactly why you'd want to date them—everyone needs something to ground them in their life, and often for public figures, that's their partner.", I was a broke university student living in the crappiest part of town, with a duct-taped back window on a broken-down car.

Levy said: "She's magnificent to look at, she's soulful, and she's sexy.

I needed someone who you believed had grown up in a man's world.

While responding to some fans on Twitter, Dominic let it slip that Evangeline was fooling around!

After shooting the final episode of Lost, Lilly said she was considering taking a break from acting to focus on her charity and humanitarian efforts.

“Dom is obsessed with Scrabble,” says castmate Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley. As washed-up rocker and reformed heroin addict Charlie, Monaghan has proved that his well-received turn as hobbit Merry in the blockbuster trilogy was no fantastical fluke.

“He plays it all the time – even on his cell phone at work.” Admits Monaghan: People will say things, and I ll Scrabble what they say in my head. “He’s the life of the party, but he takes work very seriously,” says Lost executive producer Bryan Burk.

castaways are obsessed with numbers – particularly the six cursed numerals that frequently pop up on the hit series.

Dominic Monaghan, however, is all about the alphabet.

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The foreword to the book was written by director Peter Jackson.

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