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High-heels and a heavy bag victimize Vanessa Hudgens’ posture, while slumping Ashlee Simpson obviously needs some alignment.Meanwhile, former hump frump Gwyneth Paltrow received kudos for losing her lump to yoga. You can judge a man by his shih tzu, at least according to Susie Essman.“Ashley’s hoping that if she can lose weight, she can compete with her twin,” said the insider.Allegedly subsisting on a diet of coffee, water, salad and sushi, Ashley is also exercising nonstop.At the 1996 VH1 Fashion Music Awards, he was Male Model of the Year nominee. With alluring looks and perfect athlete built, Jason Lewis leaves deep impact to every female.Though he has not exchanged the marriage vow till date, he has definitely romanced a number of divas.Despite the Queen graciously agreeing to appear in his London Olympics opening ceremony, Boyle told The Guardian that she should be replaced by an elected head of state.“The American model seems to be healthy – and inevitable, actually,” he said.

The following year, he was frequently spotted with actress Michelle Trachtenberg.

“She’ll eat, then go home and do aerobics to make sure she doesn’t gain any weight,” the insider said.

“She does leg lifts and arm exercises and walks everywhere.” According to another source, Ashley is also resorting to the counterintuitive fashion of the eating disordered, dressing in baggy clothes to hide the weight loss. “They think that if there are no pictures of them looking like skin and bones, they can get away with it,” said the second insider.

According to the first spywitness, the designer potato sacks aren’t fooling anyone. “She’s becoming as skinny as Mary-Kate has always been,” the source said. Speaking of Mary-Kate Olsen, “She needs to stretch her chest and back muscles,” according to exercise expert Desiree Bartlett.

The trainer to the stars weighed in for an Us Weekly pictorial on celebrity slouchers.

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In a quote posted by the New York Post’s Page Six, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress told Animal Fair magazine that the best bedmate is a guy with a small dog such as Pomeranian or a little Yorkie, “because if he’s secure enough in his sexuality to carry around a froufrou little dog like that, that is a guy who's a keeper.” ...

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