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He goes to St Academy, an all girls Catholic school whose principles are Liberalism, Philanthropism and Cooperation and meets the director who is a nun called Sakura Sakurai, the twin sister of Misses Sakurai. Takeda is getting married and going to Harvard Onizuka will take over Class 2-C.

Rika, Moe and their friend trick Onizuka into thinking he ran her over with his motorcycle.

""I'm going to go public with this, and everything you've done on SEELEs behalf, what you've done here is unnacceptable, and I'm ashamed that I even once called you my student! I want to show you what I've been really working on for the past year."He lead the way out of the building to what looked like a small tram leading down. Akagi and Gendo lead him down another long hallway, which broke into yet another large chamber. Hanging from a darkened ceiling and lighted by a large spotlight were the makings of a giant, humanoid... Its body had yet to be complete, and its hands and spine were hanging limply from the ceiling."This is that giant of light that attacked the Antarctica facility? Yui had been right about him, there was a normal man among all that muck, but after she died, I think that man died with her. Those files you had her fetch were on the employees in the GEHRIN days.

Fuyutsuki hadn't notcied it on the way in, but it clearly lead underground somewhere. The entire thing was impossibly huge, and carved into a perfect sphere. ""No," said Gendo, "But it borrows from that creature. He initiated the Instrumentality project, and has been pursuing it relentlessly ever since. I joined up right out of college, just like you, but I was sent to work at the facility where my mother was.

They still went out together frequently, but it was shallow.

Gone were the days of college when they could comfortably talk to each other about everything.

A large blue rectangle, like a wall, as wide as three men with their arms out and as tall as a tree. I haven't heard that in a long time."-1999-"Yes, it's all very brilliant really." Fuyutsuki leaned his head to the side, so the phone was cradled on his shoulder, "She seems like a career woman, but I wouldn't peg her as devoting her entire life to the concept."He wheeled around in his office chair, looking down on the college campus below through his window, "Gendo Rokubungi? some unsavory rumors in fact, and from trustworthy people... You too, bye."He set the phone back on its cradle and let out a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. He picked it up, "Professor Fuyutsuki speaking."His eyes widened, "Since when did he want me to sponsor him?

BTW, there's more than one reason for Ritsuko doing what she's doing. Misato gritted her teeth, setting her gun and her NERV ID card on her desk before leaning forward in her chair, "So it's come to this huh?With photos of him supposedly trying to dispose of the body they blackmail him into becoming their genie, reminiscent of Urumi's actions in the anime.Onizuka learns from her friends that Moe is going out with various men just for the sex. Takeda, a teacher at the school who is getting married, were together but that when they were found out he didn't stand up for himself. If you love him then try and get him back." They then interrupt the wedding but Rika still kids herself that she never loved him and Onizuka asks why he can't be more clear cut.We've been dating for a while now."Fuyutsuki froze and turned to her with a raised eyebrow, "Dating?He doesn't really seem to be your type.""Not at first, but I got to know him and he can actually be nice.

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When they stepped on he hadn't been expecting what was coming. At the bottom were the makings a facility, even surrounded by a few roads... Clearly not an effect of nature, nor was it man-made."This facility is quite large."Gendo nodded, leading Fuyutsuki around another corner, "We're heading to Central Research right now, it's right around this corner."He hadn't been expecting what he saw. Her daughter Ritsuko was behind her, watching her work on the small computers. We're going to change the world Professor, this prototype will be our tool, and as a part of GEHIRN, you can help us shepherd humanity into the future."-Present Day-Fuyutsuki fumbled with his binds a bit, cracking his neck and trying to adjust his position. GEHRIN was disbanded and renamed NERV, all staff were transferred... Officially it was labeled an 'accident', but it was actually suicide."Misato didn't know how to respond to that.