Dating interfaith

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Dating interfaith

So when sparks fly across the interfaith divide, they do not have to leap very far to set off an interreligious skirmish.

Maybe you can sit down with him and say, “This is what my belief system means to me.” If you don’t even have an understanding as to what each other believes, then it’s going to be awfully hard to come to any agreement based on respecting each other’s spirituality.In other words, your spouse doesn’t have to believe the same as you, but they do need to respect your choice to believe differently from them.Second, you should take the time to become educated about each others’ faiths.Respect the idea that religion is a very personal thing, and that each person will eventually find the path that is right for them – even if it’s not the same as yours. " At least, you shouldn't be saying that if you want any respect in return.Discuss whether or not various aspects of your beliefs make the other person uncomfortable. Does your partner’s faith have some sort of injunction against those things? Finally, understand that you need to avoid trying to convert the other person.

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As our society and the world becomes more racially and religiously intertwined, I have not doubt that the questions and challenges relating to interfaith dating, i.e.

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