Validating xml document using xsd in c net

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Validating xml document using xsd in c net

It can also describe the type and values that can be placed into each element or attribute.The XML data constraints are called facets and include rules such as min and max length.You may have noticed that each schema contained an attribute element Form Default="qualified".This has two possible values, qualified, and unqualified, the default is unqualified.This tutorial guides you through the basics of the XSD standard and the examples use the graphical XML Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Liquid Studio.The XSD standard has evolved over a number of years, and is extremely comprehensive and as a result has become rather complex.So the element is actually defined in and so it is part of the namespace "", even though it uses the complex Type "Order Type" which is defined in the Order

Breaking schemas into multiple files can have several advantages.So far in this tutorial we have largely ignored namespaces as they are an added complexity over writing and using basic XSDs.The full set of namespace rules are very complex, be this overview will provide a basic outline of the technology.The general rules for this are: The alias must be the same as the target namespace in which the element is defined.It is important to note that this is where the element is defined - not where the complex Type is defined.

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This tells the XML parser that elements within the namespace "" can be found in the file "Main.xsd" (Note: the namespace and URL are separated with whitespace, such as a carriage return or space).

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