Asus weather widget not updating

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Asus weather widget not updating

Is possible to use both devices to take notes and save those notes, and maybe print them?to study, you need a tablet to be used in the university, and i don’t wanna take a big pc or notebook from one classroom to another!!! Quick Office, for example (see earlier comments), provides MS Office-compatible text, graphics, presentation, and spreadsheet capabilities and is free with the Galaxy Tab 10.1; it can also be purchased for around -25 for the i Pads.I read somewhere it is the telcos poo pooing the stand alone option for the watches so hopefully one day we can move in line with those countries that are lucky enough to use the watch without a phone.0 for one isn't too steep in my mind, paid more than that for other "mechanical" watches. Just beware that may be the NON-LTE version, it's not clear.According to the Clove website there are several variations but they have no prices up yet. I'd like the LTE version but I want to make sure it can pair with my Telstra plan before I commit.[Updated Aug 25, 2012] – Before launching into this review, which pits Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 against Apple’s i Pad 2, I took a few days to familiarize myself with the Galaxy Tab’s Android 3.1 (“Honeycomb”) OS.The thing is, I’d already used i OS on an i Pod Touch for two years, but was a rank newbie when it came to Android.As I'm an office worker more than an outdoorsy type, I'm eyeballing the S3 Classic.

One less thing to carry, lose, drop, etc is highly desirable.I skipped the Gear S2 as I just love my Garmin Fenix 3HR with titanium strap. The S2 was interesting, but I do likes what I'm seeing from the S3.I bought a Gear Fit 2 to play with but I just can't get on with S-Health. I was worried about Tizen, but on a watch I don't think it's really a bad thing compared to AW. I will also be keeping an eye on the No.1 D5 and the new Asus Zenwatches however...Just beware that may be the NON-LTE version, it's not clear.Went up for pre-order in the UK a few days ago and it's already sold out.

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