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But he has lost popularity.”Speaking to state leaders on Wednesday at the Business Summit at The Greenbrier, which his family owns, Justice was critical of politics for politics’ sake.“I’ve got to have one thing from you and one thing alone,” Justice told the crowd. We’ve got to all be one and that is West Virginians, wanting to do something other than to be dead last.”President Donald Trump Trump shows solid support in the West Virginia Poll, although it’s actually less than other national polls have shown as his support here.

“I’ve got to have your support, wholeheartedly naturally. The West Virginia Poll shows 48 percent approval for Trump along with 39 percent disapproval.“Realistically, I think the president is popular here,” Repass said, acknowledging different results and different methodologies among polls may still lead to the same overall conclusion.

With what he’s shown so far, there’s little doubt that he will be successful, and the Mountaineers will reap the benefits.

Twenty-two percent of those who responded are not sure.“You do have reaction to the party change that creates negativity potentially,” said professional pollster Rex Repass, who constructed the questions for the West Virginia Poll.

His impact will go deeper than that, though, as he’ll give a boost to Mountaineer recruiting as well.

The governor cited his close relationship with the Trump family as well as his disappointment with Democratic lawmakers during this past legislative session.When he returned as an analyst, his recruiting presence was still limited, but what little he was able to do was positive.“I really enjoyed talking with Coach Gerberry and his [past] work with tight ends,” North Versailles (Pa.) East Allegheny tight end TJ Banks told me after his visit to Morgantown last summer.That trip put the Mountaineers to the forefront of Banks’ recruitment, and West Virginia stayed there, securing his commitment and eventual signature in December.What’s particularly amazing about that is not only was Gerberry previously limited in how he could recruit — and won’t be going forward — but he still managed to pluck O’Laughlin out of Chicago, an area WVU doesn’t typically recruit, while also convincing two very talented tight ends to come to a school that has not incorporated a legit tight end into their offense in years.The staff says that will change, and Gerberry’s ability to convince top talent to give WVU a try will help that transition.

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Now that he’s officially a coach, Gerberry will expand on his recruiting role.

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