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That's not true for famous fathers, and it's definitely not true for their children, famous by default.

Hotel parking lots in Omaha are rarely the sources of national news, for instance -- unless Michael Jordan's son happens to get handcuffed in one.

There was that shoe debacle when he arrived as an extraordinarily ordinary recruit at the University of Central Florida.

(In 2009, UCF lost a lucrative deal with Adidas when Marcus refused to wear anything but a certain familial model of Nikes.) And then there was that visit to Las Vegas in the summer of 2010, when he and older brother Jeffrey dropped more than ,000 they didn't earn in two days, gaining the attention of the Nevada Gaming Control Board because Marcus wasn't of age.

Some are better than others, but it's just not a job that allows any of us to be perfect. It requires too many different skills, from tenderness to absolute resolve.

And even if there were such a thing as a perfect father, our children would still slip out of our careful reach, because that's the natural order of things: One day we won't be their fathers anymore.

They released two short vanity videos, professional and expensive-looking, the last of which came out in March.

Luckily for us, most of our mistakes will be private and forgotten; only our kids and their therapists will ever know what happened.Every moment he was in our lives, every memory we have of him, is a moment and a memory that Jeffrey and Marcus didn't have for themselves.They had to share their father with the world, and now, in return, the world has given them only scrutiny and expectations.No other player in the history of sports is more widely recognized around the world and as such his investment rating, when it comes to trading cards and memorabilia, is unparalleled.His ability to cross-over from the hardwood to pop culture has earned him a place in sports and American history held by few others.

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Jordan fans started the new year all stressed out due to rumors that he’d been taken off of the market by a young woman he had been spotted with on numerous occasions. But according to a new interview with magazine, the 30-year-old actor said he’s still single, or as he put it, he’s currently “dating,” but “technically single.” In the “Talents & Legends” issue, Jordan said where he lives and whom he lives with puts a damper on his dating life. and put it on just about everywhere: “Chest, shoulders, back. I was just, like, massive.”), in that same video, Jordan talked about his number one dating rule, and you know it left us swooning. This dedication is a celebrated part of Jordan’s origin story.

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