Transman dating

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" or similar, and be able to answer, "Gender Dysphoria" or "Gender Issues". Chances are, the therapist or psychiatrist you find and see from my list already has the name of a doctor/Endo you can go see and will give you their name.

This will not be the first time you have to show your soft underbelly and open up about how you feel and say words you only uttered under your breath, said in your head or confessed to a lover in a moment of pure desperation to finally be seen as who you really are in intimate moments. DO NOT take the chicken shit way out and skip seeing a doctor thinking you know everything - YOU DONT.

This work isn't a Yaoi Genre comic, it was always intended to clear up LGBT stereotypes and help heterosexuals try to understand LGBT people. It can be read here in English and here in its original Korean.

A Korean radio drama was made and can be found here.

Mind you, I didnt start T until 1995 so, it was a long time before I finally found where to start.

I have to reiterate no internet you guys reading this do not realize how easy you really have it.

If you use too much of it and even the safest amount, your Hematocrit and Hemoglobin levels will rise.

This, in turn, causes your blood to thicken and blood volume to increase. And even if you dont stroke out, high H&H levels can lead to Polycythemia which if left undiagnosed can convert to LEUKEMIA.

Then I stopped drinking in 1992 and then began my letter writing campaign to find a way.DON'T buy T off the internet, from gym dealers or from Mexico.You have no idea what youll be getting and most of the time, its just vegetable oil and impure to boot.Now a days, transitioning is as easy and logging onto the web for resources.Years ago, guys like me had little to no resources and it took a lot of detective work. Let me remind anyone reading this NO COMPUTERS with tons of info right at my finger tips.

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