Seiko watch movement dating

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Seiko watch movement dating

Another issue with traditional date mechanisms is the fact that many of them are rather slow to "update," meaning that they take their sweet time, sometimes requiring /- 2 hours before and after midnight to advance to the correct setting.Another infuriating issue is when the date does not display in the dead center of its aperture.And demand we do, but sometimes it seems like no one is listening.Why do we continue to see so many date wheels that clash – in the eyes of many, at least – with their dial colors? As many have wondered in vain, can getting a black date wheel with white numbers really be that expensive or difficult?The way the two Arabic numerals of the date are displayed and advanced brings us to the second tier of date functions – that of the more creative, more complicated, and, generally speaking, more widely appreciated ones., etc.) complication as one alternative that uses the date as a confident and prominent design feature.oday's watch industry is arguably more advanced and refined in terms of design and production than it has ever been.

Still, the standard date display leaves us with an aperture at either 3, or 6 o'clock on the dial.The prevalence of this "no-date" sentiment (and it is very prevalent) should tell you that it is indeed a pressing issue.No date display at all makes sense as one option in the matter of solving how a date window can detract from an otherwise attractive watch dial.The technical difference between the date at these different locations is pretty much in the print's orientation on the wheel – and sometimes it seems as though that decision is where the design creativity stops.Further, in order to fit all 31 numbers onto the date wheel, the numbers themselves often have to be pretty small, depending on the dial size and other considerations, of course.

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The date display is among the most common, and of course valid, sources of criticism among our readers that seems to come up in the comments of almost every article here on a Blogto Watch.

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