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Republican state senator Leah Vukmir, who will be running for the U. “This was criminal behavior, and the individuals involved ought to see jail time,” she wrote.Vukmir says that despite the court order, she was never notified that her emails had been seized.Among the millions of pages were discussions of the most personal nature—Wisconsin GOP staffers talking with family members about illness, helping friends through precarious relationships, and discussing money troubles with their spouses.Not knowing government bureaucrats were monitoring their discussions, some saved sensitive passwords in Gmail accounts; others sent pictures of themselves trying on clothes to friends and asked how they looked.

All those who emailed one of the subjects on the list were unwittingly spilling their personal secrets to government bureaucrats, whether they had any connection to the ill-fated investigation or not.With the release of the Wis DOJ report, the public found out that this mountain of intimate, private correspondence had been sitting for years in an unsecured filing cabinet in the basement of what used to be the offices of the Government Accountability Board (GAB), which enforced the state’s ethics and elections laws until 2015, when it was replaced by two separate watchdogs.Much of this material had been reviewed and filed by GAB staff when they began the secret investigation that Wis DOJ calls “John Doe III.” The existence of this third investigation came as a complete surprise to the state’s attorney general when he learned of it last year.Groggy families awakened to the sound of police boots running through their homes were told that they could not tell anyone what had happened. But that interpretation of state law relied on an outdated reading of election law—which had been overturned by the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision.In January 2014, Judge Gregory Peterson effectively shut the second investigation down, noting that the conservative groups were engaged in constitutionally protected speech.

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In July 2015, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ended the investigation for good and ordered that all the evidence be destroyed or returned to its owners.

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