Patti feinstein america dating coach

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Patti feinstein america dating coach

One morning recently, I rode my old Nishiki bike over to Patty’s Inn to gauge how long-time patrons were taking the news that Google might end their long party.Let me set the stage: Going into the bar is like entering a gallery of Bay Area sports history that is offering a specially curated exhibit from a flea market. The hook-up culture of late nights out and awkward mornings after seems to prevail, and it can start to feel like everyone is either totally single and ready to mingle or madly in love with The One.But what if you’re not entirely sure which end of the spectrum you want to be on?The definition was made for Patty’s Inn, a ramshackle watering hole a block south of SAP Center in San Jose.Patty’s boasts a special pedigree: It opened in 1933 with the end of Prohibition.I didn’t have to prompt her too much for an opinion.“If Google is an American company, they should totally want to save this place,’’ she said.

Maybe a relationship just isn’t for you, but how can you be sure? Is there a nervousness you associate with the thought of being in a relationship?

It’s hard to lean in for the good-night kiss if one of you is clutching a carton of chow mein.

And the aroma of lukewarm spareribs filling your car on the ride home isn’t very sexy.

But I have faith that something better will arise in its place.

Scott Knies, the executive director of the San Jose Downtown Association, talks of the transforming power of the Google development — bikeways, creek trails, attention to public space and wildlife, superb architecture.

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When I told him I was writing about Patty’s Inn, Knies added a thought about the Google development.

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