Argus c3 dating

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Argus c3 dating

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The lenses are constructed as complete assemblies which feature a quick-attach bayonet fitting, and are unusual in that each incorporates the rotating wedge part of the rangefinder system.

The lens is offered to the body by aligning a red index mark on the assembly with a corresponding index on the body and thereafter an anti-clockwise turn of a few millimetres locks the lens securely in place.

That's why I've never been interested in cameras with the name "-matic" or similar.

Therefore, I would never have looked for a Vitomatic on e Bay.

This rotates the helix, the movement of which is coupled to the co-incident image rangefinder.

The quadrant lever which moves across the distance scale has an aperture scale engraved on it and by this means depth of field information for any aperture may be interpolated. The lens aperture is set by rotation of a ring surrounding the lens.

Two alternative lenses were originally available: the 27 mm f/4.5 Orthometar and the 75mm f/4 Sonnar.The Vitomatic's design is more modern than the Vito B, but they still have some common features: Unlike Vito B, the exposure counter is on the bottom of the camera, but still reliable and accurate as always in Voigtländer.The only things I dislike about the Vitomatic IIb are the ugly shutter release button and the modern look of the camera that reminds me of the disgusting Agfa Optima of the sixties.The Compur Rapid shutter is built into the camera body, which allows the lenses to be interchanged as complete units.The shutter has speed settings of 1, 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/400 and B, selectable by movement of a second quadrant lever located on the left side of the lens assembly.

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