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Update: I have written more about the topics raised in points 3 and 4 – and wrapped them around Stanislavski and Brecht – in this follow-up post. If you can’t walk away at the end of the night with a good memory, with something that you could talk about in the pub in years to come, then everyone at the table has failed.It’s not rocket science; that’s how existing as a functioning social human being works, and somehow because we’re pretending to be a halfling for a bit, we often forget how to do it. Some systems build this in by default – Apocalypse World, for example – and they give you the ability to somehow affect the world whenever you roll the dice, not just fail to affect someone’s Hit Points. We need to get ourselves into that mindset by default. I want to get better at running games; I strive towards it. I have read more books on Gamesmastery than I have on, say, the subject of my degree. No-one needs you to point out that this is an obvious plot thread while you do it. This ties back into the first point, really; you only exist through your actions. Take every opportunity to show, and not tell, the other people at the table what your character is about. For example, your fighter wants to punch some jerk, but your monk’s against it, so he grabs the fighter’s hand. All you’ve done is waste time, and we don’t have infinite supplies of that. Or to throw the biggest guy in the tavern right at him, to really teach him a lesson? Characters in uncomfortable situations are the meat and drink of drama. So put on your backpack and get out there, Frodo) If you keep finding yourself having to explain your actions, or not wanting to go along with group decisions because of your character’s motives… You can make prompt assessments of situations and act accordingly, because you understand the rules of the world.

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This is not a challenge that exists solely in the head of your GM.