Firefox keeps updating

Posted by / 03-Jan-2017 09:49

I have 3 browsers, This problem effects all 3, so I think it might be in the computer settings itself.

Since then, there's been no word on when Adobe might release a new version that will fix the Firefox crashing problems.

I am suggesting some troubleshooting steps which you could follow in case you find that your Firefox is giving you problems in Windows.

You could also consider using CCleaner to clear up your entire Firefox Cache, etc.

The Firefox User Profile Manager allows you to create an additional profile.

Create a new profile in Firefox and transfer all your settings and other data to the new profile, and see if it helps. You can also Tune up and Refresh Mozilla Firefox browser online.

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Firefox 57 has severe performance related issues, and breaks my add-ons, and therefore I do not want it.